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Lane County Veterinary Medical Association

2011 Members of the board

President: Liz Gray DVM [email protected]

East Lane Veterinary Hospital

Vice President: Ryan Frome DVM [email protected]

Veneta Veterinary Hospital

Treasurer: Sheri Schlorman, DVM [email protected]

Creswell Veterinary Hospital

Secretary: Shelly Knopsnyder, DVM [email protected]

Santa Clara Animal Hospital

2010 active members

Mary Arpaia   McKenzie Animal Hospital

Trish Ashley   Veterinary Allergy And Dermatology

Cary Barrett   Santa Clara Animal Hospital

Sean Barrett   Santa Clara Animal Hospital

Melanie Blystone            Emergency Veterinary Hospital

Jerry Boggs    Bush Animal Hospital

Gwen Bolton   West Eugene Animal Hospital

Sean Bretschneider   Q Street Animal Hospital

Todd Browning   Riverbrook Animal and Eye Clinic

Bonnie Burns-Oberlander   Santa Clara Animal Hospital

Scott Callahan   Cascade Animal Clinic

Amie Csziser   Oregon Veterinary Referral Associates

Curt Daly   Oregon Veterinary Referral Associates

Carrie Damewood   Cottage Grove Veterinary Clinic

Marty Dewees   McKenzie Animal Hospital

Donna Dimski   Oregon Veterinary Referral Associates

Jon Duncan   Willakenzie Animal Clinic

Andrea Duvall     The Veterinary Hospital

Matt Fricke     McKenzie Animal Hospital

Jim Gent     Companion Animal Clinic

Priscilla Gibson   Bush Animal Hospital

Liz Gray    East Lane Veterinary Hospital

Amelie Hatfield     The Veterinary Hospital

Mick Helton     The Ark Veterinary Hospital

Cary Heyward     Amazon Park Animal Hospital

Stephanie Hintz     Bush Animal Hospital

Lisa Iverson   Emergency Veterinary Hospital

Brooke Jacoby                   McKenzie Animal Hospital

Brad Johnson   Emergency Veterinary Hospital

Laura Johnson   Mohawk Veterinary Hospital

Nancy Johnson   The Veterinary Hospital

Sheila Johnson   Animal Health Associates

Michelle Kenna   Eugene Animal Hospital

Ingrid Kessler   Emergency Veterinary Hospital

Shelly Knopsnyder   Santa Clara Animal Hospital

Rebecca LaMarche   City Center Cat and Bird Clinic

Sara Laroux   Edgewood Animal Clinic

Hans Larsen   West Eugene Animal Hospital

Mindy Lenardson   The Veterinary Hospital

Patti Mayfield   Emergency Veterinary Hospital

Mark McConnell   Emergency Veterinary Hospital

Sarah Naidoo   Emergency Veterinary Hospital

Jerry Neid   Oregon Trail Veterinary Services

Michele Nugent   Coburg Veterinary Clinic

Marvin Olmstead   Oregon Veterinary Referral Associates

DuWayne Penfold   Veneta Veterinary Hospital

Lisa Piccioni   Pawsitive Motion

Christen Plescia   Cottage Grove Veterinary Clinic

Brian Reister   East Lane Veterinary Hospital

Bernie Robe   WAG Spay and Neuter Clinic

Kelli Rosen   Cascade Animal Clinic

Ryan Frome   Veneta Veterinary Clinic

Jana Rygas   AnimaLogic

Sheri Schlorman   Creswell Veterinary Hospital

Megan Schneck   Emergency Veterinary Hospital

Gail Schroder   Greenhill Humane Society

Judy Schroeder   Countryside Animal Clinic

Sandy Smalley     Edgewood Animal Clinic

Kathy Snell           Emerald Valley Pet Medical Center

Bob Stewart   Delta Oaks Veterinary Clinic

Megan Strahon   West Eugene Veterinary Hospital

Keri Swanson   Q  Street Animal Hospital

Ron Titterington   Emerald Valley Pet Medical Center

Amy Valentine   Oregon Veterinary Referral Associates

Jamie Warren   Emergency Veterinary Hospital

Marilyn Waters   Willakenzie Animal Clinic

Mary Whitlock   Countryside Animal Clinic

Jodi Wiktorowski    Santa Clara Animal Hospital

Teri Sue    Wright My Home Vet

Mary Yeager   Bush Animal Hospital

Bill Young   West Eugene Animal Hospital