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Lane County Veterinary Medical Association

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for Lane County Veterinary Medical Association

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January 12, 2016

Posted by lcvma on January 25, 2016 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (0)

LCVMA meeting notes for January 12, 2016


The meeting followed a CE talk by Dr. Trish Ashley, Dermatology Vignettes and Vinaigrettes


Treasurer report:

  • $15,720 in checking account
  • $25,308 in CD with maturity date in October 2016
  • As of this meeting, only 5 people have paid dues for this year
  • There was very poor dues collection from last year
  • We are current with IRS and State tax filings


No committees with reports


Dr. Gail Schroder from Greenhill

  • Poll for feline rabies vaccine from attendees: Do we use the 1 year or the 3 year vaccine for cats? Response was split evenly between them.
  • Sponsorship for animals with medical needs: There are times when they have animals with medical needs that need to be addressed after adoption. She proposes a sponsorship program to help get them adopted and make sure they get follow up care. By advertising that these animals are sponsored by a certain Veterinary Clinic/Hospital, that would give some advertising value to the clinic and perhaps a new client. She proposes a voucher to be given to the new owner for a certain dollar amount ($50-100?) to be used to address the specific animals need and within a certain period of time.
  • Feedback given:
    • We don’t want this to imply to the new owner that an exam has already been performed by the sponsoring veterinarian.
    • What if the adopter doesn’t want to go to that clinic? Perhaps they have an established relationship with another clinic or they don’t live near the sponsoring clinic.
    • Another idea was proposed to have a generalized sponsorship to be passed out as needed. The ‘advertising’ would instead be a type of display board with a list of sponsoring clinics. This way the adopter could pick which clinic they would like to go to. The clinics could then pick a certain amount they are willing to sponsor for the year.



Dr. Smalley OVMA representative:

  • Encourages attendance and engagement with the OVMA
  • They have quarterly meetings. The last meeting was on communication.
  • Benefits to joining include having a voice in the legislature. They have 2 part time lobbyists that work to make sure legislators understand the veterinary industry. Other benefits are working as a group to achieve goals that may benefit the individual. Current projects include suicide prevention, lay classes for first aid, and addressing the issue of student debt.
  • The OVMA works closely with OVMEB which is especially important with the addition of lay persons into the OVMEB.
  • The combined OVMA meeting with OSU provides a much higher quality meeting than either could provide alone.


New business

  • Why doesn’t the area have a school for CVT’s?
    • LCC will not fund a program that does not provide a living wage to graduates.


Instatement of new board members:

  • President: Elizabeth Zenger, DVM DACVIM
  • Vice President: Rebecca LaMarche, DVM
  • Secretary: Eleanor Teplin, DVM
  • Treasurer: Sheri Schlorman, DVM



Rebecca LaMarche, our new vice president mentioned the June meeting will be a workshop on compassion endurance.

March 13, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Posted by lcvma on March 15, 2012 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Minutes for LCVMA March 13th meeting

Presentation by Dr. Robin Pullen from OVRA- 2 case studies: rodenticide poisoning and


Business meeting:

Treasurer report- no report

OVMA- Dr. Smalley reports on the “Partnership for preventative pet health care.”

More information can be found on the website

Old business: No old business

New business:

Pet day at OSU: Deadline for securing a booth is March 20th and the cost is $15. If anyone is interested in manning the booth, please see Dr. Ryan Frome.

Greenhill- Has made a decision to stop providing low cost spay and neuters to privately owned pets. They will finish the 2 months that they already have scheduled but not schedule any more.

Lane County Animal Services is holding two meetings which are open to public comment at the Eugene public library to determine how to best serve the needs of the public. The first meeting is on March 15th at 7pm and the second meeting in on April 5th.

LCVMA Meeting Minutes for September 14, 2010

Posted by lcvma on October 30, 2010 at 6:21 PM Comments comments (0)

Changes to last meetings minutes

June 8, 2010 = no changes


Treasurer's report

Checking balance ~$13.1K

CD balance ~$17.8K


Old Busisness

  1. Emergency Response Trailer
  • Still needs more funds to continue eqipping the trailer.  OVRA donated $1000.
  • Protocols are being developed for the use/access to the trailer and a liability policy for the LCVMA is being researched even though the trailler is owned by LCAS.  Propose a vote to allow LCVMA to open a liability policy

      2.    Proposal to put to vote at next meeting to donate ~$1200/yr towards funding the LCAS adoption ads.


New Business

  1. New Laws/legislature
  • Does the law require for an exam to have been performed on a pet within the last 12 months in order for a veterinary clinic to administer vaccines to a patient?
  • Puppy Bill HB2470 - Breeders are required to have a DVM examine a puppy prior to sale
  • In Lane county, a good samaritan is permitted to pick up a stray animal and provide emergency care and spay/neuter without risk of being charged with theft.

       2.    To vote at next meeting: donations to be made in memory of our former colleagues at responsibility of our treasurer.


       3.    Dr. Schlorman will look into getting the signature card for the LCVMA accounts updated and obtaining a bank card.


Committee Reports

  1. GHHS - There has been an increase in the percentage and overall numbers of positive incoming leukemia cases this year at GHHS.  Similar trends seen at the shelter in Bend, OR.  Will gather more information and consider a news release from the LCVMA.


Next meeting to be on the second Tuesday in November


LCVMA Meeting Minutes for June 8, 2010

Posted by lcvma on October 30, 2010 at 5:54 PM Comments comments (0)

Changes to last meetings minutes

March 9, 2010 = no changes


Treasurer's report

Checking balance ~$14K

CD balance ~$17K


Old Busisness



New Business

  1. LCAS Advertisements - Another request to donate towards the ads for pet adoptions.  The ads provide exposure for the LCVMA and increases our recognition, the animals sponsored in the ads have a higher adoption rate.  Move to vote at next meeting.


Committee Reports

  1. Emergency Response Trailer:  The word is getting out - Ad in paper, LCVMA support, PR.  Continuing to raise money to stock the trailer. Events involving the trailer are being planned and the trailer was at "Bark in the Park".  There were 25 people in the first class geared towards training which happened the first weekend in May 2010.
  2. GHHS
  •  TNR still a few days left to fill with volunteers: July 25th, Sept. 5th and 26th, e-mail Gail or call GHHS.
  • Need eye medication donations, partial tubes and expired meds are accepted
  • Kitten vaccine program in place in order to get kittens vaccinated prior to bringing pets in for reliquishment to GHHS


Thank you to all who have worked so hard to help put together an emergency response plan and get equipment gathered for Lane County's Animal Disaster plan. Special Thanks to Mary Whitlock and Kathy Snell for spearheading this project.



  1. Probono's community veterinary center needs 1-2 veterinarians in an advisory role
  2. Next LCVMA meeting scheduled for 2nd Tuesday in September, 2010.



LCVMA/LCAID Emergency Response Trailer

Posted by lcvma on March 15, 2010 at 7:49 PM Comments comments (0)

Dear Members:


We did it! Thanks for your support for the LCVMA/LCAID Emergency Response Trailer project. Now we have some work to do and we need to get some folks together to help get the campaign started in our clinics.


I spoke with the Blaser Trailer folks on Thursday - they are at 99 and Roosevelt in Eugene and are the company that obtained the bid from the State to produce the 4 OVERT response trailers. Once we make a 10% down payment towards the purchase price, it will take 4-6 weeks for the trailer to be prepared with our specifications.


I also spoke with Dr. Dan Jemelka of the State Veterinarian's Office on Friday and they have just received the 4 OVERT trailers. He is now beginning to stock the trailers with all the equipment listed on the equipment list. The bid that we received from Blaser Trailer is the same bid the state accepted. My thoughts are that I will touch base again with Dan Jemelka at the end of next week and see how the stocking is going. I would like to place the LCVMA order after I hear from him that the set-up of the trailer is adequate and that he would not or would recommend tweaking the specs alittle if he had to do it again.

But we can get started on the Campaign in the meantime.


Please contact me ASAP via e-mail or call if you need to - I figure we need to schedule a committee meeting where those interested can gather and start putting this all together.


Below is a very rough draft of things that I think we need to do to get started - enough to get us thinking about how to do this logistically.



Any questions - let me know. This should be a great LCVMA project. Hope to hear from you soon.


Thanks, Dr. Mary Whitlock



Things We Need to Do for Our Disaster Emergency Trailer Campaign:

1. LCVMA - buy the trailer/Put LCVMA and LCAS Animals in Disasters logos on it!!!!

2. Conduct the “Help Us Fill the Trailer” Campaign in our clinics:

3. Committee – who wants to be on the committee? Shelley, Gwen, myself, Gail, Kathy, Sara???

4. Signage – posters in our offices – large enough for folks to see

5. Medallions of some sort to sell in our clinics – put up on our walls like the CMN balloons. $1 minimum?

6. Does someone have a graphic artist to help us with posters, medallions?

7. Getting materials to all the clinics

8. News Releases – Media

9. How do we collect the money:

- how do we have clinics set money aside?

- How do we pick up and how often?

- Checks – Made out to LCAS – would be tax-deductible. Folks need to write – “LCAID Disaster Trailer” on their checks so they are deposited in our LCAS account.

- Do we set up a contest amongst clinics? A $75 - $100 gift card to ???

10. Buying the equipment/stocking trailer/get on the news!!!!


Let me know ASAP via e-mail if you are interested in helping. Or give me a call at 998-6036. We will get a meeting scheduled to get going on this great project!


March 9, 2010 meeting minutes

Posted by lcvma on March 11, 2010 at 11:48 PM Comments comments (0)

LCVMA Meeting Minutes for March 9, 2010



Changes to last meeting minutes

January 12, 2010 = no changes


Treasurer's report

No report this meeting

Old business

Final votes submitted and results are in from recent ballot:


Proposal summary:

LCVMAwill purchase and gift to the people of Lane County a 6’ X17’ animalemergency response trailer. We will then conduct a fundraising campaignin our clinics to equip the trailer. LCVMA will donate ½ of the fundsfor the campaign which will match the other ½ we raise in our clinics.An approximate total cost of the campaign is $12,500 - $14,200 –LCVMA’s donation would be approximately $6500 - $7100.

  • Vote = Pass  (42 yes, 10 no votes)

      2.   Varying the Date of LCVMA meeting

Proposal summary:

Some members have expressed disappointment that our meetings and CEalways occur on Tuesday night. The scheduling of the meeting iscurrently in the bylaws. Changing the bylaws such that the date of themeeting could vary would allow attendance by more LCVMA members. Themeeting date and time would be announced at the previous meeting,followed by a fax one week prior. It would always occur on the secondweek of the month.

  • Vote = Pass  ( 44 yes, 7 no votes)

      3.  OVC money

Proposal summary:

Last years OVCrefund is approximately $788. We would like to vote on the contributionof this money towards a deserving organization that will also be ableto promote the LCVMA to the public.  Proposed options included the following:


( 23 votes ) TNR program at Greenhill Humane Society.


( 15 Votes ) To purchase an ad in the Register Guard to feature a homeless animal from LCAS.


( 14 Votes ) To the Political Action Committee (PAC) of the OVMA.

  • Vote = Funds to be donated to the TNR program at Greenhill Humane Society

Committee Reports

      1.  Greenhill Humane Society:

  • There has been a change in the kitten vaccine program: It is now a voucher program.  Please contact Rhonda Livesay or Dr. Gail Schroder if you have any questions regarding the new voucher system.
  • If you have a GHHS patient (adoptee) in your clinic and need information regarding the medical records, then call GHHS directly or Dr. Gail Schroder's cell phone (not to be given to clients or the public) at any time.  It is okay to ask for Gail PRN when contacting GHHS for this information.

      2.  Animal Emergency Response Team

  • Currently working on logo for the trailer, if you have any design skills or help you can offer, please contact Dr. Whitlock or an AERT member
  • The meeting on 1/28/10 had a good turnout of >90 people.  There is another meeting planned for Saturday, the 1st of May for training of voluteers to include first aid training from the Red Cross in the morning and Animal first aid in the afternoon.  More volunteers would be encouraged to attend.
  • Please visit the LCAS website to obtain the paperwork for volunteers.
  • The state will be purchasing 4 trailers from a local company and the AERT will be using the same company, Blaser Trailer Sales, and will be getting the same bid for the project, $5,144.
  • More people are needed to help with the organization of the project (animal disaster plan in Lane County, etc...)

New Business

Our colleague, Dr Jack Moye passed away January 29th, 2010. A donation

from LCVMA has been made to The Education Together Foundation in his



Thank you to the following for supporting our March 9, 2010 LCVMA meeting

Sponsor:                        Merial, organized by Tony Moravec

Dinner speaker/topic:  Presented by Dr. Laurel Collins, DVM

                                         Sr. Technical Services Veterinarian

                                         Merial LTD, Pacific Northwest District


An enlightening report on a new study conducted deep in the heart of flea country- Tampa, FL.

plus presentation of a new technology to comprehend the complexities of flea biology!


The next meeting will be held during the second week of June 2010, weeknight TBA due to new measure passed allowing for variation of the meeting nights.





Ballot for meeting on March 9, 2010

Posted by lcvma on February 22, 2010 at 1:02 AM Comments comments (0)

Dear LCVMA member –                                    2/17/2010


    By now, you should have all received Dr. Mary Whitlock’s letter concerning her proposal to help fund the lane county’s disaster response trailer out of the saved funds of the LCVMA (which currently total over thirty thousand dollars). The board feels that we have discussed this topic sufficiently that it is time to vote on this issue. I am including a few other topics in this ballot, which we discussed at the last meeting. Please vote and drop the ballot back in the mail. It will also be possible to vote by ballot at our next meeting on March 9th. You can also vote by emailing me directly at [email protected], or calling my cell phone at 541-912-2454. Once a quorum has been reached, a majority vote will pass the measure. You must be a paid member for your vote to be counted.


Disaster Response Trailer – For details, please see recent letter sent by Dr. Mary Whitlock and the brief summary included here. This letter can also be found in the News section of the LCVMA website:

Check one:


(    )  I am in favor of the LCVMA contributing to the funding of the Lane County Disaster Response Trailer.


(    ) I am not in favor of the LCVMA contributing to the funding of the Lane County Disaster Response Trailer


Varying the Date of LCVMA meetings – Some members have expressed disappointment that our meetings and CE always occur on Tuesday night. The scheduling of the meeting is currently in the bylaws. Changing the bylaws such that the date of the meeting could vary would allow attendance by more LCVMA members. The meeting date and time would be announced at the previous meeting, followed by a fax one week prior. It would always occur on the second week of the month.

Check one:


(    ) I am in favor of changing the LCVMA bylaws to allow more flexible scheduling of the CE lectures and meetings, thereby allowing more members to attend.


(    ) I am not in favor of changing the LCVMA bylaws for the purpose stated above.


OVC money – Last years OVC refund is approximately $788. We would like to vote on the contribution of this money towards a deserving organization that will also be able to promote the LCVMA to the public. Please see the enclosed letters detailing the arguments for the proposals below.

Check one:


(     ) I would like the LCVMA to donate this money to the TNR program at Greenhill Humane Society.


(     ) I would like the LCVMA to purchase an ad in the Register Guard to feature a homeless animal from LCAS.


(     ) I would like the LCVMA to donate this money to the Political Action Committee (PAC) of the OVMA.



(If  you are concerned about anonymity, please bring this ballot to the March meeting where there will be a ballot box.  Liz Gray will be the only one to open the ballots if they are sent by mail.)



(Mary Whitlock)


Proposal summary:

LCVMA will purchase and gift to the people of Lane County a 6’ X17’ animal emergency response trailer. We will then conduct a fundraising campaign in our clinics to equip the trailer. LCVMA will donate ½ of the funds for the campaign which will match the other ½ we raise in our clinics. An approximate total cost of the campaign is $12,500 - $14,200 – LCVMA’s donation would be approximately $6500 - $7100. What a great way for LCVMA to become involved in education of the entire county regarding preparing ourselves, our pets, our households and our businesses for an emergency situation. This will be a win-win for LCVMA and all of us as veterinarians and citizens helping our neighbors in a very positive way for years to come!!!



Thank you for considering Greenhill for your donation of the funds from recent CE meetings.   Based on feedback from the volunteer vets, additional services and supportive care for the cats (such as Revolution, additional pain medication, SQ fluids, FeLV/FIV testing for suspect cats) is warranted to improve the program. At this time, some of the following services have been provided, at Greenhill’s expense, when the volunteer vet feels that it is needed. Ideally the cost of these services should be covered by the TNR program, and for more animals than just those with a desperate need.

        The question has been raised as to how the LCVMA would get public recognition for this donation. Greenhill highlights the TNR program, including the basis for its funding and the services provided by volunteer vets, in public tours, presentations, and outreach events (such as with Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions Club, McKenzie Business Assn, church groups, Eugene Celebration, off-site adoptions, etc). We reach a much larger and varied audience by having articles that are not just on one page of the Register Guard, but various sections of the RG such as:

 and in the Eugene Weekly ( , in both the spring 2009 and winter 2009 Greenhill quarterly newsletters, in press releases, and in advertising for Greenhill’s TNR trapping course taught by Randi Golub. Outreach is a big part of what Greenhill does every day, and we love to highlight how our community can work together to help the animals!



I would request that the LCVMA continue to support the pictures that appear in the Register Guard about dogs and cats that are up for adoption at LCAS.  Our association revives recognition for this sponsorship and lets the people of Lane County know that we have an organization which supports animals.  The adoption rate for those animals that appear in the RG ads, I am told, is high and it encourages people to go to LCAS for adoption of other animals as well.  I believe it is in the best interest for all parties concerned to continue to support these adoption ads.

OVMA POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE (Suggested by DuWayne Penfold, summarized by Liz Gray)


The political action committee (PAC) of the OVMA works to identify and support individuals running for office (or already in office) in Oregon who represent the interests of the veterinary community. It then helps educate and guide these legislators regarding laws that are relevant to veterinarians. The PAC ensures that our elected officials act on our behalf to argue for or against laws that affect us as veterinarians, thereby giving our profession a legal and unified voice.


Dr. Penfold’s proposal is to donate the OVC kickback money to the PAC of the OVMA. Any donations that come into the PAC are passed on to these legislators for the benefit of the OVMA membership. There is no other organization or committee that protects the interests of Oregon veterinarians by acting as a “watch-dog” for the laws and bills being proposed in our state.


Letter from Animal Emergency Response Committee

Posted by lcvma on January 24, 2010 at 7:45 PM Comments comments (0)

To all LCVMA members:                                                              1/13/10                      


I would like to go ahead and make a formal proposal regarding our organization initiating our project to provide matching funds towards the purchase of the Animals In DisasterEmergency Response Trailer for Lane County along with the equipment needed to equip it.


Trailer Purchase Cost: $6100 - $6500

Equipment Purchase Cost: $6500 - $7000

Funds necessary for marketing our Campaign: $200-$750estimate

Total Cost: $12,800 - $14,200

Campaign Plan: LCVMA would provide $6,400 - $7100 towards the project.  The remaining funds would be raised in each of our clinics to “Help Equip the Trailer!” Thiswill involve our clients and will increase their awareness of how we all muststart preparing our own households for an emergency – big or small.Perhaps we should have a contest between clinics – the clinic that raises the most funds receives a $100 gift card! I can see my staff liking thisincentive!!!


LCVMA would purchase the trailer and provide themarketing/advertising funds to get the campaign started. Donations in our clinics would then be made to LCAS/Animals in Disaster Fund which would allow them to be tax-deductible for the donor and pay for the equipment. It will take 6-8 weeks for the trailer to be detailed as to the specifications we have for the trailer. Then the trailer will be ready to be delivered or picked up. LCVMA and LCAS/AID logos will be applied and we areready to fill it!!!


This emergency response trailer will play an important rolein the education of the entire county regarding the need for everyone to prepare themselves, their pets, their households and businesses for an emergency situation. Our AID Task Force sees this trailer being used at events such as the Lane Co. Fair, the annual Home Shows held at the Events Center,along with other events to help increase folks awareness as to the role theyplay in disaster preparedness whether or not they own a pet!!!


Please call me at 998-6036 or e-mail me at [email protected] if you have questions regarding this project. This will be a win-win for LCVMA and all of us as veterinarians and citizens helping to inform our neighbors and helping to prepare our neighborhoods. This is a project that can involve LCVMA in a VERY positiveway for years to come.


We need to get moving on this – call or e-mail if questions or if you want to help me with setting up the“Help Equip the Trailer” campaigns in our clinics. Let’s havean affirmative vote and let’s get going at our next meeting!!!! Thanksfor your time.


Dr. Mary A. Whitlock


LCVMA Meeting Minutes for January 12, 2010

Posted by lcvma on January 24, 2010 at 6:53 PM Comments comments (0)

LCVMA Meeting Minutes for January 12, 2010

Changes to last meeting minutes

  • November 2, 2009 = no changes

Treasurer's report

  • Checking = $xxxxx.xx
  • CD            = $xxxxx.xx

Old business

  1. Donation/possible recipients of 2009 OVC kickback funds totaling $788.62
  • LCAS Advertisements as done last year
  • TNR program: funds would be very helpful in expanding current services and adding new:  more leukemia tests, improved pain management (metacam vs ketofen +/- buprenex), revolution treatments, deworming, SQ fluids
  • Political Action Committee via Oregon Veterinary Medical Association

       2.  Oregon Veterinary Conference is on March 3-5, 2010

       3.  Final vote for appropriation of OVC kickback funds at the next LCVMA meeting on March 9, 2010.

Committee Reports

  1. Animal Emergency Response Team - Contact Mary Whitlock
  • Meeting on Thursday, January 28th at Lane County Mental Health in Michael Rogers Rm. @ 2411 MLK Blvd, Eugene: Topics = County's plan for animals in event of disaster, volunteer/training opportunities, preparing your own pets/family for disaster
  • Possible LCVMA project: An fully equipped emergency response trailer that will also have potential for LCVMA PR and education throughout the county/state

        2.  Greenhill Humane Society - Contact Gail Schroder

  • Please inform your clinics/staff/clients that the only follow up care/veterinary services provided to adoptees is post spay/neuter complications for spay/neuters performed at GHHS.  These services are free.  Any other veterinary needs are referred back to the pet's regular/referring DVM.

New Business

  1. Suggestion to consider changing by-laws to vary/alter/rotate the nights of LCVMA meetings to allow members to attend meetings that normally cannot attend on Tuesday evenings.
  2. Considering pros/cons of  speaker topics of relevance/interest to mixed and large animal practitioners of the Lane county area.
  3. A contact list for retired veterinarians is needed to allow invitation to join LCVMA and offer lifetime memberships if qualified (see by-laws).  If any one has names and contact information regarding such individuals, please contact the LCVMA board.


  1. Thank you to the following for supporting our January 12, 2010 LCVMA meeting
  • Sponsor: Elanco
  • Dinner speaker:

    "Away from the Elbow? Toward the Knee? Be Prepared When Osteosarcoma Gets Tricky!"


    By Amy Csiszer, DVM, surgical resident at OVRA

       2.  Winner of door prize donated by Elanco = Dr. Sara Naidoo

       3.  Next meeting on March 9, 2010

Echo skills

Posted by lcvma on November 20, 2009 at 11:26 PM Comments comments (0)


Hi all. I am trying to pick up basic screening echo skills. I am looking for folks in the area who are comfortable with echo and might be willing to let me observe and learn.


Please email: [email protected]


Liz Gray, DVM

East Lane Veterinary Hospital

Leaburg, OR