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Lane County Veterinary Medical Association

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

March 9, 2010 meeting minutes

Posted by lcvma on March 11, 2010 at 11:48 PM

LCVMA Meeting Minutes for March 9, 2010



Changes to last meeting minutes

January 12, 2010 = no changes


Treasurer's report

No report this meeting

Old business

Final votes submitted and results are in from recent ballot:


Proposal summary:

LCVMAwill purchase and gift to the people of Lane County a 6’ X17’ animalemergency response trailer. We will then conduct a fundraising campaignin our clinics to equip the trailer. LCVMA will donate ½ of the fundsfor the campaign which will match the other ½ we raise in our clinics.An approximate total cost of the campaign is $12,500 - $14,200 –LCVMA’s donation would be approximately $6500 - $7100.

  • Vote = Pass  (42 yes, 10 no votes)

      2.   Varying the Date of LCVMA meeting

Proposal summary:

Some members have expressed disappointment that our meetings and CEalways occur on Tuesday night. The scheduling of the meeting iscurrently in the bylaws. Changing the bylaws such that the date of themeeting could vary would allow attendance by more LCVMA members. Themeeting date and time would be announced at the previous meeting,followed by a fax one week prior. It would always occur on the secondweek of the month.

  • Vote = Pass  ( 44 yes, 7 no votes)

      3.  OVC money

Proposal summary:

Last years OVCrefund is approximately $788. We would like to vote on the contributionof this money towards a deserving organization that will also be ableto promote the LCVMA to the public.  Proposed options included the following:


( 23 votes ) TNR program at Greenhill Humane Society.


( 15 Votes ) To purchase an ad in the Register Guard to feature a homeless animal from LCAS.


( 14 Votes ) To the Political Action Committee (PAC) of the OVMA.

  • Vote = Funds to be donated to the TNR program at Greenhill Humane Society

Committee Reports

      1.  Greenhill Humane Society:

  • There has been a change in the kitten vaccine program: It is now a voucher program.  Please contact Rhonda Livesay or Dr. Gail Schroder if you have any questions regarding the new voucher system.
  • If you have a GHHS patient (adoptee) in your clinic and need information regarding the medical records, then call GHHS directly or Dr. Gail Schroder's cell phone (not to be given to clients or the public) at any time.  It is okay to ask for Gail PRN when contacting GHHS for this information.

      2.  Animal Emergency Response Team

  • Currently working on logo for the trailer, if you have any design skills or help you can offer, please contact Dr. Whitlock or an AERT member
  • The meeting on 1/28/10 had a good turnout of >90 people.  There is another meeting planned for Saturday, the 1st of May for training of voluteers to include first aid training from the Red Cross in the morning and Animal first aid in the afternoon.  More volunteers would be encouraged to attend.
  • Please visit the LCAS website to obtain the paperwork for volunteers.
  • The state will be purchasing 4 trailers from a local company and the AERT will be using the same company, Blaser Trailer Sales, and will be getting the same bid for the project, $5,144.
  • More people are needed to help with the organization of the project (animal disaster plan in Lane County, etc...)

New Business

Our colleague, Dr Jack Moye passed away January 29th, 2010. A donation

from LCVMA has been made to The Education Together Foundation in his



Thank you to the following for supporting our March 9, 2010 LCVMA meeting

Sponsor:                        Merial, organized by Tony Moravec

Dinner speaker/topic:  Presented by Dr. Laurel Collins, DVM

                                         Sr. Technical Services Veterinarian

                                         Merial LTD, Pacific Northwest District


An enlightening report on a new study conducted deep in the heart of flea country- Tampa, FL.

plus presentation of a new technology to comprehend the complexities of flea biology!


The next meeting will be held during the second week of June 2010, weeknight TBA due to new measure passed allowing for variation of the meeting nights.





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