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Lane County Veterinary Medical Association

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

LCVMA/LCAID Emergency Response Trailer

Posted by lcvma on March 15, 2010 at 7:49 PM

Dear Members:


We did it! Thanks for your support for the LCVMA/LCAID Emergency Response Trailer project. Now we have some work to do and we need to get some folks together to help get the campaign started in our clinics.


I spoke with the Blaser Trailer folks on Thursday - they are at 99 and Roosevelt in Eugene and are the company that obtained the bid from the State to produce the 4 OVERT response trailers. Once we make a 10% down payment towards the purchase price, it will take 4-6 weeks for the trailer to be prepared with our specifications.


I also spoke with Dr. Dan Jemelka of the State Veterinarian's Office on Friday and they have just received the 4 OVERT trailers. He is now beginning to stock the trailers with all the equipment listed on the equipment list. The bid that we received from Blaser Trailer is the same bid the state accepted. My thoughts are that I will touch base again with Dan Jemelka at the end of next week and see how the stocking is going. I would like to place the LCVMA order after I hear from him that the set-up of the trailer is adequate and that he would not or would recommend tweaking the specs alittle if he had to do it again.

But we can get started on the Campaign in the meantime.


Please contact me ASAP via e-mail or call if you need to - I figure we need to schedule a committee meeting where those interested can gather and start putting this all together.


Below is a very rough draft of things that I think we need to do to get started - enough to get us thinking about how to do this logistically.



Any questions - let me know. This should be a great LCVMA project. Hope to hear from you soon.


Thanks, Dr. Mary Whitlock



Things We Need to Do for Our Disaster Emergency Trailer Campaign:

1. LCVMA - buy the trailer/Put LCVMA and LCAS Animals in Disasters logos on it!!!!

2. Conduct the “Help Us Fill the Trailer” Campaign in our clinics:

3. Committee – who wants to be on the committee? Shelley, Gwen, myself, Gail, Kathy, Sara???

4. Signage – posters in our offices – large enough for folks to see

5. Medallions of some sort to sell in our clinics – put up on our walls like the CMN balloons. $1 minimum?

6. Does someone have a graphic artist to help us with posters, medallions?

7. Getting materials to all the clinics

8. News Releases – Media

9. How do we collect the money:

- how do we have clinics set money aside?

- How do we pick up and how often?

- Checks – Made out to LCAS – would be tax-deductible. Folks need to write – “LCAID Disaster Trailer” on their checks so they are deposited in our LCAS account.

- Do we set up a contest amongst clinics? A $75 - $100 gift card to ???

10. Buying the equipment/stocking trailer/get on the news!!!!


Let me know ASAP via e-mail if you are interested in helping. Or give me a call at 998-6036. We will get a meeting scheduled to get going on this great project!


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